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A Poem: Her Slave In Chastity

by Administrator March 6 Chastity * Mistress * Oral

The situation you're in now
Is plain for you to see
Your cock is locked inside a cage
And she now holds the key

She wanted you to prove to her
You're ready to submit
You gave it long and careful thought
Your choice was to commit

A naked man in front of her
She teased you with delight
And when she locked it up for you
She said you made her night

She loved to tease and taunt you,
"Fool, how could you be so dumb?"
You have no access to your cock
And she won't let you cum

That is not the worst of it
The cage you're in is small
And when excitement gets to you
It hurts to hold it all

She gets you hot and bothered
And then smiles with such glee
You can't just choose to please yourself
When she now holds the key

You struggle to think what to do
What will it take right now
There is but one way that you know
You think that you know how

You must now do just what she says
Her wish is your command
What will she ask of you to do
Can you meet her demand

She teases you to get you hard
The cage is much too tight
It struggles now to just get hard
But it can't win that fight

In desperation you now ask
What can I do to please
She says I like to see you squirm
So you get no release

You're not about to just give up
You won't admit defeat
You offer her a foot massage
And now you kiss her feet

She smiles as you suck her toes
She sees how hard you try
She knows the stubborn chastity
Now makes you want to cry

She smiles and says you did okay
But you can do much better
Submitting to her chastity
You're such a fool to let her

You offer now to bring her food
She's comfortably in bed
Perhaps she'll grant you that release
Those were the words she said

You bring her food and also drink
And thank her with a smile
She teases that you'll get release
But it may take a while

She looks at you with sexy smile
For something she does crave
She beckons you between her legs
You'll be her oral slave

You do it as you never have
You long to bring her pleasure
An orgasm you give to her
You hope that she will treasure

She beckons you lay next to her
And says her gift is this
Your lips meet in such passion
And you share a tender kiss

You battle with the metal cage
This fight you'll never win
You wonder now what you can do
Frustration builds again

She tells you softly you did well
But it is getting late
She promises you'll have release
For now you'll have to wait


A Poem: Mistress Wants To See You Smile

Do you have just what it takes?
To serve your mistress well?
She sees you from across the room,
and with a look can tell.

It's not about the things you have.
It's not about your style.
It's all about what you can do,
to make your Mistress smile.

You think that you can go to her,
and say something with wit.
That's when she firmly asks you,
"Are you ready to submit?"

Your goal must be to please her
with a smile upon your face.
For if you make her happy,
in her life you'll have a place.

Get on your knees in front of her,
and pledge that you'll obey.
You're goal will be to make her happy,
each and every day.

In chastity she locks you up,
and shows the silver key.
You smile as she tells you,
"Now your cock belongs to me."

I want a pretty sissy now.
You're shaved from face to toe.
You smile as she does this,
but how far now will she go?

She puts you into panties.
You wear other girlie things.
You smile and tell her, "Thank you, "
though you feel a little strange.

She tells you that you'll kiss her feet,
to show you know your place.
You kiss and lick her pretty toes.
A smile comes to your face.

Your Goddess wants a sissy,
who will smile and not complain.
Sometimes she likes to make her point,
with punishment and pain.

As always you say thank you,
and that smile is on your face.
She smiles back, you're at her feet.
You know quite well your place.

Your cock's a clit locked in her cage.
Your question now sounds dumb.
Her answer, "No, " and still you smile,
though she won't let you cum.

She spreads her legs and says to you,
"You know what you must do."
You smile and please your Goddess.
Pleasing her's what pleases you.

In all you do and all you think,
your thoughts drift back to her.
You smile though you are denied.
Your caged clit starts to stir.

With laughter now she says to you.
"You know I have the keys,
and if you want to cum again,
it's me you have to please."

To further show you your true place,
a plug goes in your hole.
You smile as she says to you,
"I'm glad you know your role."

You prance around and clean her house.
You smile at her true beauty.
Her sissy maid and dressed the part,
you're proud to do your duty.

A list of things you have to do.
Her laundry must be clean.
A spotless house, a well cooked meal.
You know well your routine.

Mistress must be pampered.
You will paint her pretty toes.
A full massage you give to her.
The joy your smile shows.

Breakfast in bed, you draw her bath
You gladly wash her hair.
You're proudly at her beck and call,
and smiling when she's there.

A spanking to remind you now,
of things that you've done wrong.
You smile and tell her, "Thank you, "
and she pulls away your thong.

Her strap on now invades your hole.
She grants you some release.
It doesn't come the way you hoped,
but still your mind's at peace.

You get her ready for her date.
He'll treat her oh so right.
You smile and tell her, "Thank you, "
when you lick her clean that night.

And still you stay all locked away.
You wear her chastity.
You are her smiling sissy.
You don't want to be set free.


Thoughts On Gender Roles And Identity

We've had some fun here with naughty posts examining all sorts of fetish topics.  We will continue that too, but we also like to look into things with a more serious tone.  Articles have already been posted discussing a sissy bringing their dress up activities to the attention of their girlfriend/wife and ways to get the woman in your life to dominate you more in the relationship.

I want to talk about two things here.  One is femininity in the new age we have entered and the other is Female Led Relationships.  Let's start with the second one.

Female Led Relationships and D/s

I've discussed in the past that a good way to get your significant other to take the lead is to start doing what she asks of you with a yes dear or yes ma'am.  If she's not overtly dominant, she will pick up on the fact that she is telling you what to do and you are doing it, and things can develop from there.

The Female Led Relationship (FLR) is an interesting concept.  From what I've seen, they include all of the control that a woman might want without the kink that interests some men in submitting.  I've noticed they frown on the subject of dressing him up as a sissy and pegging him.  Take that out of the mix, and over half the guys who are interested lose interest.

You have to truly be committed to Her to enter into a FLR relationship, and I've seen some things on sites that leave me wondering if they aren't just stories.  First of all, I am not a female supremacist.  I don't believe women are superior any more then men are.  I have some fun with stories, but female supremacy is a myth.  The idea that women running the world would make it better is a joke.  They would screw it up just as bad as men, and some are screwing it up now.

But, female supremacy is a turn on to guys who want to let go and give up the power.  It's a turn on to women who have in some ways been oppressed in the past.  I would point out that not every woman who is a home maker is unhappy or feeling oppressed, so judging her for being happy is stupid. Don't worry about her.  Live your own life.

I get why some women go around saying how superior they are.  I can't blame them.  A woman should be appreciated not just for her beauty, but her inner strength, her mind, her heart and all that she does.  Now, most women really don't want a sissy.  They want a real man who knows what he wants.  So, a lot of things you see out here are fantasy.  Or, it's women who get paid to present this image in the form of tribute.  They know the mind of sissies, so they give them what they want, for a cost.

I've heard of sissies who get into being cuckolded, and I have to say you better watch it.  At our primal level, when we have intercourse, it triggers emotions like love when we are with the right partner.  You may want her to be satisfied, but if she really gets pleased by the right man, all the other things you do for her won't matter in the end. You'll be left alone wondering what happened.

Now, there are relationships that can truly separate sex from love, but there are many that only think they can.  Cuckolding is not to be entered into lightly, and I would advise communication at all times.  How are the two of you feeling?  The other thing is, not all bulls are ethical.  Some will try to steal her away.  They may not mean to.  They may truly fall in love with her after amazing sex.

I've watched as good men get passed over by jerks who can please her in the bedroom.  Sex is a factor in love.  On a FLR site, somebody equated her cuckolding to the family getting a new dog and that's not cheating on the dog.  Really?  So, he's no better than a dog now?  This is part of FLR philosophy that she is allowed to sleep around while he stays faithful.  But, as somebody put it, she failed him.  She didn't train him be a better lover to her.  I can't disagree with that.

The FLR philosophy is that she is superior, and again I laugh.  I would say more to the effect that she is a Goddess to be appreciated for all that she is, and you please her as best you can, because you love her that much.  But, you lose me at superiority.  It's just not true.

The FLR could happen because she has a better paying job and he assumes house husband duties.  They may not have set out for it to be that way, but she's making the money.  She has final say on the big decisions, but they do discuss everything.  That's believable. I know people in a relationship like that.  They are still a team, but opposite of what a couple is thought to be.  She leads, not him.

I've read a site were this couple has three kids, two of them are daughters.  They raise the kids to believe in female superiority.  The father actually serves the daughters too.  One daughter has a driver's license, but his wife made him give his up.  Really?  Sounds like fantasy to me.  If he's keeping the home fires burning, he'll need to be able to go shopping and what not.  He's not doing all of that on a bus.  The story goes on to say the daughter teases him.  Sounds like more fantasy.

The son is taught that his sisters and all women are superior.  Whoa!  This is where I draw the line.  The son can be taught appreciation of women, but this is borderline child abuse, making him serve his sisters.  See, the parents chose to enter a relationship of this nature, and that's on them.  You don't force children into this. Teach them why you do what you do, but don't force them.

I've heard how he is not supposed to have an opinion and to shut up and not speak until spoken to.  Again, this sounds like more fetish fantasy to me.  A marriage is a partnership, even if she is the bread winner.  His opinion still matters, even if she gets what she wants in the end.  To tell him to shut up and to not have an opinion is not a loving Female Led Relationship.  It makes for a good fantasy though.

D/s is pretty much the kink you agree to in the bedroom or whatever scene you two are having.  FLR is her leading the way.  However, in real life situations, he is expected to do his part and use his brain in situations where he knows more than she does.  As somebody put it, are you gonna let her drive you both off a cliff just because she's a woman?

An FLR is basically her making most of the big decisions (with his input), being in control of the money and him taking the domestic role of cleaning and cooking and making sure she is happy.  The kink is whatever they decide on.  I don't think you do to this because she is superior.  You do it because you love her.

Femininity In The Age Of Aquarius

I've suspected for a while now that one of the things that is changing as we enter this new age is the way we view gender roles and gender identity.  This is why you see more talk about FLR's and BDSM Mistresses.  This may also by why we are seeing the rise in the number of people transitioning genders and the number of people who just like to blur the lines or play dress up.

When you think about it, society is constantly changing.  With each new decade, trends change and the way people live their lives changes.  Go back 50 years and compare the way the genders were viewed then to now.  There's a big difference, and it's changing more every day.  It will continue to change.  This doesn't mean society is ending.  We adapt to these changes and evolve as people.

I've heard the alarmists who write "The Feminizeation Of" whatever the subject is, as if it's a bad thing to be feminine.  It is not.  That's simply not true.  Do we look down on women so much that we have to say it that way?  Again, it's no wonder there is a segment of women who are pissed off and almost militant in their stance towards men.

As I've noticed the changes, I've heard it said that people are becoming gay and transgender because of the food we eat and the plastics we drink from.  The water is polluted with hormones.  Fish are changing genders and on and on.  It's feminizing men and hyper feminizing women.  Okay, but what about female to male trans men?

Could we be under assault this way?  I don't know.  When it comes to the elite of the world, I don't put anything past them.  I know they fight against labeling food that is GMO and is altering our DNA, but is there a plot to turn men into women?  That would be pretty messed up if it's true.

This leads to the debate of "fixing" trans people and gays and lesbians to be "normal" members of society.  If there was a pill you could take to stop the desire for transitioning, wanting to dress up or sleep with people of your gender, would you take it?

See, the problem is, there are people in these categories who, after years of struggle, have accepted themselves and don't want to change.  He's gay and he's proud of it.  She's transgender and not ashamed.  The people with the problem are the ones who want to judge them for being who they are.

Of course, this has led to the idea that they are bringing on the fall of society.  Well, we've had people who dressed in clothing of the opposite gender since clothes were invented, and we've had gays and lesbians since people knew how to have sex.  Seems to me that we are still here after all of that.

This is because we adapt.  I've heard a couple stories of trans men who are pregnant, and I know there are trans women who have impregnated women as they were transitioning.  Even more remarkable is the idea that scientists are working on a way for trans women to actually have babies too.  Like I said, we adapt.

This doesn't end life as we know it, or the basic fundamentals of religion that teach us to love one another and respect our differences.  It's just a new way to live.  We are in the middle of a gender and sexual identity revolution that is freaking some people out as others embrace it.  Gay marriage has now become acceptable, as I believe it should be.  Being transgender is becoming more acceptable, but the battle has just begun.

There are even some in the fetish community who agree with the Christians on this.  They don't want to be accepted as a sissy.  They want to be mocked and ridiculed, because deep down they feel it's wrong to dress up like they do.  Tell them it's okay, and they become angry with you.  I know.  I've been verbally attacked for that.

I heard it said by somebody on a YouTube video recently that the Age Of Aquarius is about discovering our inner femininity, but not transitioning or being gay.  That is the elite's work to pervert what the new age really means.  I have to wonder if that sort of talk doesn't encourage hate on the LGBT community.

I believe we will adapt.  God gives us a way to adapt as long as we are good people and love one another. It's when we become greedy and selfish that we get into trouble.  Though there are those in the LGBT community who are greedy and selfish, those traits aren't exclusive to any one group.

It is clear that we are in a new age and adapting.  Women are gaining more power, people are transitioning genders and gays and lesbians are more free now than ever before to be who they are. This has freaked out a segment of society who are reacting by trying to pass laws against the LGBT community and encouraging women to get back in the kitchen.  But, the genie is out of the bottle.

It's all okay as long as we remember to respect each others space and not get in their face about things you don't agree with.  Let a person of faith believe as they do and let the LGBT community live their lives and be happy.  Work on the problems that are really effecting this world in a negative way and tearing us all apart.  If we fight over gender identity and expression, gender roles and sexual identity, the powers that want us divided and to keep us fighting win.

We are in a new age, and I don't know all the answers.  I just know things are changing. It doesn't have to be a bad thing.  A woman becoming a man, or vise versa doesn't make him bad.  It's how you treat others that really matters.  One thing I do see is that these changes will keep coming.  It will be interesting to see how things play out in our society as the changes continue.


Turned Into Her Favorite Panties

by Administrator February 28 Oral

Lauren was a beautiful woman with long black hair and hazel eyes.  She like to wear her hair in a bun and would wear glasses to give herself the appearance of authority.  She wore a lot of black and either high heel boots or high heel shoes.

She always seemed to have a new pair of shoes.  One day, when she stopped for a coffee, a lady asked her where she got them.  She flashed an odd smile.  "A guy I knew made them special for me.  Said he loved my feet that much."  Something in the way she said that creeped the lady out.

The fact was, Lauren didn't seem to have any friends hanging around her. You might see her with a guy or a lady one night, but never see them again.  Two of her life long best friends had disappeared mysteriously without a trace.  Lauren was the one they were last seen with, but she was never considered a suspect.

Billy worked at the drug store Lauren had visited for years.  He adored her and would make small talk with her.  But, he never made it sexual.  She was a Goddess to him and not to be disrespected.  They would even bump into each other at the oddest places.

One day she even joked with him about that at the movie theater.  "Are you following me, Billy?"

He blushed.  "No, ma'am.  I'm not a creep. I would never do that.  You're too sweet a person, and I.."

She laughed.  "Relax, sweetie.  I'm just messing with you."

He smiled shyly.  "I just want you to know I respect you, ma'am.  If anybody ever tried to hurt you, I'd...  I'd..."

Fact is, he wasn't tough enough to beat up most women, let alone a man, and she knew it.  She smiled at him.  "You're always so sweet to me, Billy.  So helpful.  Your girlfriend is lucky to have you."

He blushed and looked down.  The fact was he was a virgin.  The only thing he ever did was fantasize about kissing a woman and going down on her.  In fact, he fantasized about doing that with Lauren.  "No, ma'am.  I'm single.  I bet you have all kinds of guys wanting to be your boyfriend."

She laughed and looked down at her shoes.  "Most of those losers aren't worth of kissing my feet or carrying my bags."  She dropped her hand bag and stepped on it intentionally, though Billy didn't find that the least bit odd.

He knelt down. "Let me get that for you, ma'am."

It was a fine leather hand bag that looked like it cost a fortune, but he felt something strange when he touched it.  He didn't know what it was.  She smiled at him.  "You can call me Lauren, dear.  And thank you."

He smiled demurely at her.  "Okay, Miss Lauren."

This boy has lots of potential, she thought.  He was always so sweet and submissive with her.  "What I really need is a sweet man like you, Billy."  She touched his shoulder and he felt a stirring in his pants.  "Somebody who would treat me right."

"Mmm, " he felt a tingle in his loins.  "I'm, um...  I'm probably not good enough for you, Miss Lauren."

She took his hand.  "How about we go watch the movie together, dear?"

Billy could hardly focus on the movie at all as Lauren kept looking at him during scenes of the movie the way a friend or loved one does at funny or serious moments.  He had a raging erection most of the time and thought it would be disrespectful to touch it.

When the move ended, he was sad.  He didn't want the moment to end, but Lauren didn't either.  "I hope you don't think this is too forward of me, dear, but would you like to come back to my place?"

The excitement of that question and her touching his hand sent him into an orgasm.  She actually wanted to spend time with him, this Godless he had fantasized about.  Maybe she would let him...  No, she's a lady.  Stop thinking that way, he told himself.

At home, she offered him a drink and they sat down on the sofa.  On the coffee table there was an odd collection of items.  An toilet paper roll almost completely used up, a box of tampons with one left, a crusty looking cloth and a butt plug.

He was staring at the box.  "That's an odd collection to have in a box, Miss Lauren.  What do you keep it there for?"

She lit a cigarette.  "They're to remind me of some bad dates I had.  Just some unworthy losers, I suppose."

"I don't understand, Miss Lauren."

She took a drink and blew it in his face.  "I'm a witch, Billy."

He giggled.  "A witch?  There are no such things."

She picked up the butt plug.  "Oh, I assure you there are.  Pete here thought it would be nice if he could get inside my ass.  He gets ass, alright, just not mine.  Wanna try?"

Billy blushed.  "If that's true, Miss Lauren, why did you bring me here?"

Lauren smiled at him as she took another drag.  "Because I like you Billy.  You're different from all the others.  I would love to have you close to me every day, in a more intimate way."

His cock started tenting his pants at the word intimate and she noticed it.  "May I, " she asked before taking down his pants and noticing his underwear stain.  "Oh dear.  Did I make you cum at the movie theater?"

He blushed.  "I'm sorry, Miss Lauren."

She looked up at him as she licked his cock.  "Nonsense, dear.  I'm flattered that you would be that turned on just by being near me.  You're such a sweet man."

She began sucking his cock slowly as he looked on, overcome by the way he was feeling.  "Miss Lauren, I love you.  I always have.  I'll do anything to be with you."

She grinned.  "Anything can be arranged, you know.  You could have a happy life with me, my pet.  Let's talk about that later. I want to taste your cum.  It may be the last blow job you ever have, so I want you to remember it.

After she spoke of tasting his cum, he was oblivious to her words.  She sucked his cock like a pro, building him up and letting him down.  "I want you to beg me to make you cum."

He felt like he could pass out from the excitement. "Please make me cum, Miss Lauren.  Please."

She went to work on his cock, tasting his precum .  He's not bad, she thought.  Soon he was cumming in her mouth, and she took it all before showing it to him.  What happened next caught him off guard as she planted a deep kiss on him and the two shared his cum.

The kiss lasted about a minute before she broke it off.  You are a very good kisser, Billy.  I have something else you can kiss if you want to."

He blushed.  "May I...  May I kiss your pussy, Miss Lauren?"

She led him to her bedroom and to her to king size bed of red satin sheets.  There were stuffed animals on the bed.  She removed her jeans and pink panties and spread her legs.  "Come taste my pussy, Billy.  I know you've wanted this for a long, long time."

He nodded.  "I have. I love you, Miss Lauren."  He dove between her legs and kissed her pink pussy lips.  He started licking and pushing his tongue in.

Lauren picked up her pink teddy bear as she felt the pleasure of Billy's tongue.  She kissed it.  "Stephanie, isn't he perfect?  He's gonna join us."

Stephanie wasn't just the name of her teddy bear.  She was her oldest and dearest friend and had been her teddy bear for the last seven years.  She could still communicate with her when she touched her.  "Yes Goddess.  Will he be the new satin panties you wanted?"

"Yes he will,  she spoke aloud.  "He'll be perfect to cover my ass and pussy.  My favorite pair of panties."

Billy looked up.  "What was that, Miss Lauren?"

"Don't stop Billy, " she commanded.  "Keep going.  You're doing so well, my pet.."

Billy continued to lick her precious love box when he heard her speak a language he didn't understand.  His tongue was stuck to the inside of her pussy  "Whaaa hahaning, " he asked?

"Just relax, " he heard, but did she speak it to him or think it to him?  Billy felt his body stretching and shrinking at the same time.  The feeling was incredibly strange, but not painful.  He felt like he was wrapping around her, going underneath her pussy to her ass hole and wrapping around her shapely ass cheeks.  He stretched to her front.

He felt the smoothness of her skin up against his own slick softness.  He was in constant contact with her pussy, which was very wet at the moment.  He had lace at the top all the way around and around the bottom where the legs go.  He was the prettiest shade of hot pink and on the back, written in black in fancy writing, were the words Billy's Delight.

He had no mouth or eyes.  He could feel her warmth and he could think.  "What's going on here, Miss Lauren?  What have you done to me?"

She brushed her hand up against him.  "You wanted to get close to my pussy, my dear.  Well, you'll be closer than almost anybody else.  I needed a new pair of panties, and your perfect."

"But why me?  I thought you liked me."

She rubbed her pussy through the panties. "I do like you, Billy.  In fact, I think I love you.  You've always been so sweet to me, and I thought of the most precious way I could thank you."

He felt the moistness of her pussy as she massaged him into it, and he felt an odd sort of pleasure engulf his entire being.  He could even taste her.  "Oh God."

She pushed Stephanie between her legs.  "Say you like being my panties, Billy.  Tell me how much you love me."

He was confused.  "I love you, Miss Lauren.  I just don't understand this."

"You'll grow to love it, just as I have, " he felt another female voice say.

He realized it must have been coming from the object being pushed against him.  Was that a teddy bear?  "Who are you?"

The teddy bear liked the times Lauren rubbed her against her pussy.  They reminded her of the days she used to go down on her. "I'm sorry, where are my manners?  I'm Stephanie.  Lauren's best friend, and her Teddy Bear.  Well one of them.  You'll meet Jessica later, I'm sure."

"But why panties?"

Billy felt an energy that was a lot like laughter.  "Trust me, honey.  You could have done a lot worse.  Miss Lauren has turned people into things you wouldn't want to be and discarded them.  We're lucky, because she loves us."

"Lauren put Stephanie next to Jessica and stood up, removing her top and bra and slipping into a sexy pink nightie.  "Almost forgot, I have a date with Fred."

A date?  Billy was confused.  "Weren't we just on a date?"

Again he felt laughter. "No, silly.  I needed a new pair of panties, and now I have them.  Don't worry though, Fred is a bit of a jerk, but he has a nice cock. I'm gonna let hm fuck me and then cuddle with my girlfriends and go to sleep."

Fred showed up right on cue.  Billy could hear what Lauren was thinking, but he only heard half the conversation.  He felt a strange rough hand on him, pushing against him and Lauren's pussy.  "I'm already wet, " he heard her think.

Fred went to remove her panties, but she stopped him.  Leave them on one of my legs.  I know.  I'm weird, but it's my thing."

"Oh God, " she thought as Fred entered her.  "Billy, he is huge.  He always makes me cum twice.  He can last a long time."

Billy didn't understand what was going on or how this was even possible.  "Miss Lauren, why are you telling me this?"

He could feel what seemed like a moan of pleasure.  "Because I love you and I want you to know what's on my mind,  You're my panties, and I'm gonna tell you things my teddy bears don't even know."

He felt incredibly close with her, not just because he was on her leg still.  It was something else.  He didn't understand why she did this or what his life would be like after this, but if he could be next to her like this, maybe it wouldn't be all that bad.

But it was strange only sensing her thoughts and feeling the touch of her skin and the air in the room, but not being able to really interact with the environment or hear anything.  "Oh, I'm cumming already.  God, yes."

Was she taunting and teasing him?  It didn't feel like that.  It really did feel like she was just sharing her feelings.  He didn't understand why she did this to him  He was nothing more than an object owned by her, to be used at her discretion.  He had no choice in the matter.  Could he live this way?

"Oh, he hits me right in that spot, and it drives me crazy, " Lauren thought. "I hate the way he always talks about himself, but he sure can fuck me."

Billy had no concept of time and how long it was taking, but she let him know she was cumming again with her lover.  "Oh, it's the most amazing feeling when he cums and I cum at the same time."

She pulled up her panties and started leaking into Billy.  He could actually taste it, "Oh my God.  What's that?"

He felt her giggling.  "I want to share this experience with you, sweetie.  I don't want to leave you out of anything.  I love you, Billy.  We'll always be together."

As he felt more moisture leak into him, she thought to him again. "Let me kiss this loser and send him on his way."

Billy felt humiliated as a cum soaked pair of pink satin lace panties.  He wanted to lick her pussy, but this wasn't what he had in mind.  Lauren slept in the panties that night before hand washing and drying them the next morning.  Hang drying on the hook on the bathroom door, Billy contemplated what his life would be like now.

He went back on her when he was dry, and she hand washed and wore him often over the next few weeks.  Only very rarely were they apart.  They shared every thought together, and when she was feeling sad, Billy was there to cheer her up.  He had no choice, not that he really minded.

Lauren transformed him into a baby blue stuffed gorilla for the first time about three months later.  The transformation was another strange sensation.  He felt himself expand and then found that he could see out of the eyes.

He mostly got a view of Lauren's chest as she cuddled with him. "Lauren, why do you transform guys into things like toilet paper and butt plugs and shoes?"

He could sense anger in her. "Because they are assholes and deserve to be punished."

Things were about to get worse.  "But don't you think that's just a little bit harsh?"

She was angered by that question.  "Harsh?  Harsh?  I'll show you harsh."

Billy felt himself shrinking and dividing in half.  It was the most unusual sensation.  He was suddenly in two places.  He felt himself surrounding her foot and then felt the feeling again.  She thought to him. 'It's raining, but I need to walk to the store."

"Isn't it late for a walk in the rain,  " Billy asked?

He felt laughter.  "Like anybody's gonna fuck with me.  If I need a new vibrator.  I date somebody who fucks with me."

She was stomping her feet in the puddles, and he felt cold.  He could feel the scuffing on the ground and it hurt.  "I'm sorry, Lauren.  I'm sorry."

"I don't think you're sorry enough, " she replied as she walked through mud.  Billy felt the slimy, gooey mess surrounding him from all sides.  It was a miserable experience and he found himself not longing to be human, but to be her panties again.

He had no idea how long this lasted, but it went on for long enough as he begged for forgiveness.  She took him off and hosed him down with a garden hose before carrying him into the house

She decided to transform him back into a pair of panties again.  She put him back on over her wet pussy.  "I'm sorry, Miss Lauren.  Nobody should ever mess with a beautiful Goddess like you.  They deserved the punishment they received.  Please forgive me."

She rubbed her hand against him and her pussy.  "No, maybe I was a little mean to you.  You only wanted to know why.  I love you Billy.  You're my favorite pair of panties."

Billy felt a hard object brush up against him and rub into her clitoris, then he felt a vibration.  "What are you doing, Miss Lauren?"

He could feel the sensuality in her communication.  "We're making love, sweetie.  You, me and my vibrator.  I want you to feel it like I do."

He was confused.  "How do I do that?"

She rubbed the vibrator all over her panties. "I know you feel the vibration baby.  Surrender to it.  Let the vibration consume you, the way that it stimulates my pussy when I have it against my clit and inside me."

He could feel something strange as she put the vibrator back on her clit with her sheer pair of panties between it.  There was pure pleasure in her communication.  "Do you feel it, Billy?  I want us to reach orgasm together."

His thoughts became foggy  He was bathed in a vibration of ecstasy.  "Oh God, I think I do.  What is it?"

"You feel the pleasure that I feel.  This is what I want for you Billy, " she felt her orgasm build. "Oh, we are gonna have so much fun together, you and me."

He could sense a radiation of colors overtaking him, unlike the orgasms he used to have when he pleasured himself thinking of her.  It was strange, but very nice.  "Couldn't you just make me a man again, and then I could make love to you?"

He sensed her laughter.  "Oh, no.  This will be much better.  I have a few ideas I just know you're gonna love.  You'll see  You'll be so much happier as my panties than you could ever be as my boyfriend.  It will be better."

He let go and was absorbed by the colors he could feel.  He didn't understand what it was, but he felt the most intense pleasure he had ever experienced and it lasted.  He could feel her breathing and she let loose a powerful orgasm of her own, soaking her panties as she squirted into them.  "Oh, fuck.  I love you Billy."

He imagined himself kissing her and concentrated on pushing into her pussy.  She felt it.  "I love you too, Miss Lauren."

How could she love him as a pair of panties?  It seemed crazy, but she did.  She told him many things about her childhood.  Her mother was a witch, and that's how she became one.  Her two life long girlfriends were also her lesbian lovers, and both consented to be her teddy bears.  They were there for her when the other kids teased her and put her down.

They would communicate every day, and if she wasn't wearing him at night, she was snuggling with him and her two girlfriends as a stuffed animal.  Sex was an adventure for them that he loved to have  with her.  They often repeated that first hot scene with the vibrator or sometimes she rubbed up against things and even used her two teddy bear girlfriends.

One day, she picked up Pete, her butt plug, and inserted him inside herself as Billy was turned into a pair of black satin bikini panties.  "Oh not again, " Pete thought.  "Hey, wait a  minute.  I'm inside you, ain't I Lauren?"

She laughed.  "You know the taste of my ass so well, don't you dear?"

"I'm sorry, Lauren.  Please forgive me.  If you change me back..."

"Oh no, dear. You're a butt plug now, get used to it.  It could be worse.  You know what happened to Steve."

Billy observed the conversation and sensed panic in Pete's thoughts.  "Oh, God, please no.  You know how scared he is that you'll use up what's left of him next time you wipe your ass and throw away the roll?"

Her laughter was playful.  "Oh, but that would be too easy.  I want him to think about it.  I want him to regret hitting me and calling me a whore.  What fun would it be if I just discarded him?"

"You're so cruel.  Why?"

She patted the butt plug in her ass.  "Because I can be, darling.  Because I can be.  You be a good boy and make my ass feel good and maybe I'll insert you inside me more often.  And you'd like that now, wouldn't you?"

"Yes ma'am.  Just to have contact with you makes me happy.  Are you meeting a man again?"

Her ass tightened around him, and Pete felt good.  "Yes, I am.  I have a surprise for my Billy.  You've never met Billy.  He's my panties.  Billy, dear, say hello to Pete."

Billy's life when he talked to Lauren was never dull.  Now he was a pair of panties talking to a butt plug.  Who would ever believe such a crazy thing?  "Nice to meet you Pete."

"Wow, " Pete replied with envy.  "She must really like you if she's wearing you as her panties."

"Aw, don't be jealous dear, " she teased.  "You could get back into my good graces if you wanted to."

"I do.  I'm so sorry to have ever offended you.  I deserve this punishment."

She knew he was only saying what she wanted to hear.  "Aw, well, keep up that attitude and maybe you can be the sheet on my bed when I fuck my lover."

Billy hated to admit it, but he thought it was funny that she treated Pete this way.  The guys who were jerks to her deserved what they got.  He recalled when he told her that if anybody ever messed with her he would defend her.

"Now Billy " she thought to him.  "I have another surprise.  I'm gonna take our sex to another level.  Do you want that?"

"Yes, Miss Lauren."

He felt himself shrink a little more.  In fact, he felt small, yet stretchy, and he was in her hand.  "My lover, Fred, is here.  I've got a surprise for both of you, but you'll have to wait to find out what it is."

Billy felt something inside of him, pushing him through something.  He could feel the end of himself inside something warm.   At the other end of him, something was pushing him into a circular opening.  "Get ready, " Lauren warned hm.

In a moment, he felt something else inside of him.  Something bigger, pushing deep inside him.  Something tasted familiar, yet stronger.  He could sense he was inside Lauren.  "Am I inside your...  Pussy?"

She was in a sensual state of mind and Billy could feel it to.  "Oh yes.  You are my condom, sweetie.  I told Fred this would increase my pleasure, and he agreed to it.  His cock is inside both of us, and it feels great, doesn't it?"

Wasn't this gay, he wondered.  But, if it made her happy, he was happy.  And, it did feel food.  Almost as good as when she used the vibrator on him.  "It kind of does."

"Hmm...  Remember what I told you about surrendering to the pleasure, dear?"

He sensed a blue aura around him and a red aura building up.  The red was intense pleasure.  He wanted the red aura to overtake him.  Fred's cock was pushing in and out of him, and he could feel it inside him.  He could tell Fred was well endowed, and he stared to taste him too.

Lauren sensed that thought.  "He is quite big, dear,  Ten inches.  I gave him two of them as a gift, though he thinks pills did it.  He still doesn't believe I am a witch.  But, I don't care as long as he fucks me like this."

The red aura's intensity increased and was feeling good, almost over powering the blue aura.  The problem was he felt a moisture inside of him and surrounding him.  The taste was strong, but not unpleasant.  Both Fred and Lauren had cum.

What happened next scared Billy.  As he was recovering from the feelings, he felt Lauren's hand remove him with her lover's cum still inside him as she set him some place.  He had no idea where.  A million thoughts raced though his mind.

Was she mad at him?  Was he being thrown out?  He couldn't sense her, and it scared him and made him sad.  What did he do wrong?  "Oh please forgive me Miss Lauren, " he kept thinking.  He was deeply sorry for whatever he did to upset her.

It that state of fear and sadness, he waited for he had no idea how long.  Lauren and Fred spent a good hour making love.  And still he waited.  Lauren and Fred passed out on the bed together, exhausted from their love making.

The cum had dried inside of Billy, and he continually played the thoughts in his mind over and over.  What did he do to upset her?  "I'm so stupid, " he thought.  "I knew I didn't deserve her."

He felt a hand touch him.  It was Lauren.  "Did you miss me, sweetie?"

"I'm sorry.  Please forgive me."  If he could have been crying he would have been.

Lauren laughed.  "What on Earth for, dear?"

"I thought you threw me out and I..."

She realized that he must have felt abandoned, and she was just trying to introduce him to another pleasure.  "No, I'm sorry Billy.  I didn't think about how you might feel being pleasured like that and then thinking you were discarded like a piece of trash."

He was back to being his submissive self.  "No, Miss Lauren.  I should know not to doubt how you feel about me."

"Let's get you cleaned up and I'm gonna take a bath.  We have things to do today."  She changed him back into a cute pair of Pink satin boy shorts and washed him in the sink and hung him on the bathroom door hook.

When she was done with her bath and dried off, she put Billy back on again, and a feeling of contentment washed over hm.  He was where he wanted to be again.  Most people might not want this, but he loved it.  He loved the intimacy of being with her and the way she tried to share her feelings and experiences with him.

Lauren took Billy to other places, and he was always happy to share it with her.  She let him experience what it was like as her vibrator as she teased her clit with him before pushing him all the way inside her.  Trapped within her, he felt the most at peace he had ever felt.  It felt like a passionate kiss for both of them.

When she orgasmed, she used the moisture on the vibrator to push him inside her tight ass.  He was taken by surprise that she would do this, but nonetheless happy.  "Pete is right.  I love the taste of your ass almost as much as your sweet pussy, Miss Lauren."

She thrust him in and out of her tight hole.  "You always know what to say to me, sweetie.  Does this feel good to you too?"

"I've orgasmed twice, Miss Lauren.  I wish I could describe it to you, but it's the most intense feeling of pleasure.  But, being with you is what makes it special."

One day Lauren was being very cranky and Billy was concerned.  "What wrong."

"Fucking periods.  I hate them.  You have no idea.  I feel like going out to that box and using up Carl and throwing him away, the mother fucker."

He realized he could never know what she really felt, but he wanted to be there for her.  "Lauren, you can make me into a tampon and use me if you want."

She felt a warm and happy feeling inside her.  "You are the sweetest most caring person I've ever met, Billy.  Okay.  I'll let you do it for me.  You have no idea how happy you've made me."

Billy was shrunk down into a tampon and put between her legs and inside her pussy.  She had a busy day that day, and it was a heavy flow day as well.  Billy was soaked.  He felt bad for her that she had to endure this.

She had to change tampons in a public restroom.  "I'm sorry, Billy.  I need to change, but I brought a plastic bag to put you in until I can get you home, clean you up change you back to my panties."

"Don't be sorry, " he thought.  "I'm honored that you would let me do this for you."

He sat in the bag as her blood dried on him, knowing that he would be back to what was normal for him when she got back home.  He felt content in knowing that was the case.

Lauren had become a little less trigger happy when it came to transforming people into objects.  A man at the coffee shop gave her some attitude.  "Calling me a bitch?  I should turn that mother fucker into a rock and throw him in the river, " she thought angrily.  She had done this before.

Billy tried to be reasonable.  "Miss Lauren, maybe he's having a bad day.  He may not mean to be a jerk, but you happened to be there for him to lash out at.  You could do it if you want to, but maybe you don't this time.  The guy at the tire place needs it for tying to rip you off."

Lauren laughed.  "You see, this is why I love you, Billy.  You are such a sweet person, but you get me.  Maybe we'll take a trip back to the tire shop and deal with that little twit."

"Sounds like a plan to me."

She rubbed her crotch, making Billy feel good for a moment.  "What should we turn him into?"

Billy thought about it for a moment.  "How about a toilet brush or a plunger?"

Billy felt the most intense laughter.  "God, I love you.  That is so wicked.  Can you believe I've never done that before?  Alright, I'll do it."

Billy found himself happy to be her panties.  He had no home to go to as it was sold with his stuff.  He was presumed dead.  His place was now as Lauren's panties or whatever she may transform him into. He would never be human again.

He could think and feel and converse with her, and she never held anything back from him.  However, his life revolved around her completely.  He had no real life separate from hers.  He did his best to make her happy so that she would always want to wear him as her favorite panties or cuddle with him as a stuffed gorilla, two of his favorite objects.

As it turned out, she always did.  The only thing that changed about the panties were the color or style, depending on her mood.  But she proudly wore Billy almost every day for the rest of her life.

Jennifer's First Boyfriend

by Administrator February 28 Dress Up * Feminization * Oral * Sissy * T-Girl

Jennifer walked into the restaurant in a blue dress and heels.  She let her long brown hair flow, gently brushing some hair from her eyes and revealing her long fingernails that she had painted in a red heart design.

She was nervous.  She hadn't seen Billy in nearly ten years.  What if he didn't like what he saw?  When she last saw him, her name was John, and she was a freshman in high school.  Billy was nearly two years older and was her next door neighbor.

She saw him at the table, short black hair and a neatly trimmed beard, and his blue eyes.  She could never forget his eyes and how they looked at her.  They were looking at her now as a smile came to his face.

He stood up to greet her.  "Jennifer.  My God, it's so good to see you again.  You look so beautiful."

She smiled at him as he held out her chair for her.  "Thank you, Bill.  You look handsome, by the way.  How are the wife and kids?"

He sat down.  "Oh, Linda is doing fine.  She had to work late, but she sends her regards  She's hoping we can all get together tomorrow.  The twins are growing like weeds.  How about you?  Weren't you dating a motel owner?"

She frowned.  "We broke up."

"I'm so sorry to hear that."

She took a sip of water, leaving a mark of her red lipstick on it.  "Don't be. I wanted more than he did.  It's better this way."

"Well you're a sweetheart, Jennifer.  You always were.  You deserve happiness."

They ordered their meals and enjoyed small talk, but their minds were going back to a time when they shared something very special together.  A time when Jennifer came to be.

Bill's mind was racing through the memories of those days.  Though he hated to admit it, he was aroused thinking about those days. "I was just thinking about the time you walked out in your sister's old red babydoll.  Remember that?"

She blushed.  "What about the time you stole Lisa Miller's cheerleader's outfit and gave it to me?"

He laughed.  "It looked better on you."

Billy and John sat on a couch.  John was home alone, so he invited the older boy over to watch porn with him again.  He had a video of women giving blow jobs that got them both excited.  Usually, they ended up masturbating together when they did this.

Billy was 14 and John was going on 13 and about to graduate junior high.  Billy was looking at the brunette deep throating the man's big cock.  "You see, that's what I'd like right there.  A nice deep blow job.  Fuck, that's hot."

Billy was rubbing his shorts.  As John admired the woman in the pretty pink lingerie.  "God, she looks so hot in that pink nightie.  I bet it's conformable too."

Billy looked a his younger friend.  "What do you mean?"

He blushed.  "Oh, nothing.  Its just that I think she's sexy.  Have you ever had a woman do that to you?"

The older boy shook his head.  "Not yet.  I wish.  The girls at school are so stuck up."

What was going through John's head now was something he'd thought of many times as he would rub himself in the panties he would steal from his mother or sister.  He'd seen his friend's six inch cock and the pubic hair, so manly compared to his.

He fantasized many times about sucking his friend's cock and being like one of the women in the video, dressed pretty.  He had a slender and almost feminine body, but he knew that might change as the effects of puberty really took hold.

He was nervous, but he wanted to try what was on his mind.  "Billy, I want to show you something.  If I do, you have to promise not to laugh."

The teenager laughed.  "Dude, how long have you known me?  Have I ever been mean to you?  You don't have to say that, just show me."

John nervously smiled and stood up and went to his room.  He had a stash of a few bras and panties and other things that had been discarded by his sister because she got new things.  He reached for a white lace bra and satin white panties and put them on.

He looked in the mirror, and his small three inch penis was hard as it tended his panties.  He put on a red babydoll nightie and admired himself in the mirror as he brushed his medium length brown hair to try and make it look more feminine,  "Are you okay back there, " he heard Billy ask?

"Just a minute, " he shouted back as he reached into the bottom drawer of his dresser in the back for a tube of red lipstick his sister thought she lost.  He slowly applied it to his lips, being careful to get it just right.

He smacked his lips together.  "Here goes nothing."

When he entered the living room, Billy stared at him with his mouth open, but he didn't say a word.  John was so nervous, he thought he would pass out,  "Well, what do you think?  I could go back and change if you want me to."

Billy kept looking at him and began to smile., "Don't you dare.  You look great. Sit down with me  How long have you been doing this, John?  Or what do I call you?"

"About two years now, " he explained.  "It started when I found a pair of my sister's panties in the bathroom and tried them on.  I wear panties most of the time now.  And, I like the name Jennifer."

The teenager nodded.  "Jennifer it is.  Do you mind if I pull my pants down, Jennifer?  I feel like I'm gonna explode."

John  smiled.  "Not at all.  You were gonna do it anyway."

Billy's cock stood straight up and he looked at his younger friend.  "So, do you think about sucking a cock like the ladies in the video?"

"All the time, " he admitted.  "I know I shouldn't, but I feel like I should be a woman, and..."

"It's okay Jeniffer.  It's natural for a woman to want to suck the cock of a man.  In fact, if you want to...   No, forget I said that."

John licked his red lips.  "No, I want to, if you want me to.  I don't want you to be creeped out."

Billy shook his head.  "Jenn, I like you a lot.  You know that.  If you want to do this for me, you can.  I won't tell anybody.  It'll be our, "John went down on his friend before he completed the sentence.  "Secret.  Oh, God.  This is really happening.  Wow.'

John tried to emulate what he'd seen in the videos with the women, humming as he sucked his friend's cock.  He could taste something he had never tasted before, kind of bitter, but not unpleasant.  He kept sucking and suddenly Billy tensed up and erupted his seed inside his friend's mouth.  John swallowed it all and kept sucking until he began to go limp.

Billy looked over at John and smiled.  "That was amazing, " he kissed him.  "Thank you, Jennifer."

The scene kept being repeated whenever they could do it, and sometimes Jennifer was in full makeup as she was learning how to do it.  They would do it in her dad's car, at Billy's house or under the high school bleachers wherever they could.  They had pretty much become boyfriend and girlfriend and spent a lot of time together.

It was under the bleachers on a Saturday afternoon where Jennifer was waiting for Billy.  She wore a pair of shorts that used to belong to her sister and a pink top she actually bought at the store.  She pulled out a mirror and did her makeup as she waited.  Billy had something in mind, but he didn't say what.

No sooner had she finished her makeup than Billy approached with a bag.  He kissed his younger feminine friend.  "Hi babe.  Did you miss me?"

Jennifer hugged him and pulled him in for a deeper kiss.  "Does that answer your question?"

Billy handed her the bag.  "I brought something for you."

She grabbed it.  "What is it?"

He smiled.  "Just look.  I know you're gonna love it."

She opened the bag to reveal a black, pink and white skirt and top with the school logo and team's name on it.  She gasped.  "A cheerleader's outfit?  How?  Where did you get this, Billy?"

"I, um, I sort of borrowed it from Lisa..."

"Lisa Miller, " she exclaimed?  "The head cheerleader?"

"Well, I know you want to be a cheerleader.  I don't know if it will happen, but I thought maybe I could give you the next best thing.  Put it on for me."

"Billy, we've got to take this back to her.  It's not right."

He grinned.  "We'll talk about that later.  Just put it on.  I want to see you in it.  I bet you are ten times sexier than her."

Jennifer was feeling aroused as she removed her shorts and top.  She wore a pink bra and matching panties and her friend noticed.  "That's sexy.  I don't believe I've seen you in those before."

She blushed.  "I borrowed them from my sister."

"Does she know?"

She grinned.  "What do you think?"

Jennifer slipped into the outfit.  "Well?  How do I look?"

He gave her a deep kiss as his arousal pushed against his shorts and brushed against her body.  He had grown almost an inch down there since the day they first began having fun together.  "Does that answer your question?"

They walked together, holding hands and kissing as they made their way to the corner of the field and a secluded bench.  "Jenn, I have something I need to tell you."

She looked at him nervously.  "That doesn't sound good."


They sat down on the bench.  "Tell me, Billy."

He sighed.  "My dad got a job out of state, and we're moving in two weeks."

The color went out of her face.  Billy was the only one who knew her as the woman she really was.  "Billy, no, you can't go."

He kissed her.  "I don't want you to cry.  We'll stay in touch, and I'll get back to you some how.  I promise."

She was crying,  "It's not fair."

He hugged her tightly.  "I know.  I know, Jenn.  I'm gonna miss you so much.  You know I love you, right?"

This was the first time he said those words to her.  She knew how he felt, but to hear the words meant more to her.  She kissed him.  "I love you too,"

He stumbled for the words he wanted to say.  "Jenn, I was wondering if maybe you...  If you wanted to try what we've been talking about?"

He wanted to make love to her, and they had talked about it for a while.  She was afraid it would hurt but had started using a vibrator to get used to having something inside of her.  She wanted this as much as Billy did.

Jennifer smiled and gave him a look that said yes, but she confirmed it with her words  "Billy, yes, I do.  I want you to be my first.  You've been so sweet to me and..."

Billy kissed his younger friend passionately and the two kissed for several minutes as he removed his his shorts and underwear.  Jennifer got on her knees and sucked her friend for a few minutes before stopping and removing her panties.  "I want you inside me."

Billy grinned.  "Aren't you gonna remove the skirt?"

She giggled.  "Why should Lisa be the only one who gets laid in this outfit?"

Billy laughed.  "Oh, you are a naughty little slut, aren't you?"

She kissed him.  No, I'm your naughty little slut."

Jennifer bent over the table as Billy lifted up his skirt and lubed up his sissy girlfriend's ass.  He stuck a finger in and then two.  "I'll try to be gentle."

She looked back at him.  "As long as you fuck me."

"Here goes nothing, " he said as he poked her sphincter.

"Sweetie, you forget I've been sucking your cock for how long now?  That is far from nothing."

He shoved it in and Jennifer  moaned.  He stopped to check on her. "Keep pushing in.  I'm okay."

Billy managed to get most of his cock inside and gently began thrusting in and out.  "Oh, fuck, you are so tight, baby.  This feels so good."

"Tell me about, " she said as he looked back.  "You have no idea how long I have wanted this."

He increased his pace.  "Yes I do. I wanted you to be my first too, Jenn.  You've always been a woman to me."

The pleasure they felt in that moment allowed them to erase the whole world from their thoughts.  All that mattered now was pleasing each other.  Jennifer rolled over and lay on her back and Billy reentered her.  "Fuck, Jenn, I don't know how long I can last."

She smiled at him as she felt him stroke her cock. Words gave way to sounds and passionate grunts.  Anybody could have been watching them on that bench, and they wouldn't have cared a bit.  The only thing that mattered was the impending orgasm they both wanted.

Jennifer came first as Billy stroked her cock.  A few moments later, he shot his seed into his sissy girlfriend's ass.  It seemed like it was a big load, and She felt the warmth within her   He stood there looking down at Jennifer for a moment with his cock still inside her.

The two held hands and lay down on the grass together, kissing and making idle chit chat before they drifted off to a short nap together.  It was a moment they never wanted to end.  Unfortunately, it did end, and Billy moved away two weeks later.

Bill took a bite of the chocolate cake he ordered for dessert.  "So, what ever happened to that cheerleader outfit I gave you?"

Jennifer grinned.  "I kept it, of course.  I wanted to remember that special time in my life.  Lisa's daddy had money.  He could afford to buy her a new one."

Bill laughed.  "I love it.  You go girl."

They enjoyed their dessert and one more drink for the road before Bill got up to catch his cab back to the motel.  He hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  "You know, Linda knows all about you and I, and she's quite open to you joining us if..."

Jennifer gasped and her face turned red.  "Billy!"

He broke the hug and turned to leave.  "Just putting it out there."

Jennifer watched him take a few steps towards the door.  "Bill!"

He turned around.  "Yes."

She smiled.  "Tell her, I said maybe."

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